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​In addition to performing Britot (Brises) I am also available for baby namings, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, weddings and funerals. I have been in the pulpit, as a cantor, for 35 years and I am experienced in all aspects of Jewish life-cycle evens. Again, I try to make the experience easy for you. I do not make unreasonable demands on you because I want to make Jewish life-cycle events easily accessible to you. 

I specialize in walking you through the steps in order to make your event a positive and memorable experience for you, your family and your guests. There is a concept in Jewish tradition which is called Hidur Mitzvah. In short, it means making the Mitzvah beautiful. By creating a meaningful ceremony around a Bris ceremony, baby naming or a Bar Mitzvah or wedding, we can achieve the goal of Hidur Mitzvah. To this end, I encourage you to include members of your family or close friends in the ceremony. In consultation with you, I can create just the right ceremony for your occasion.

As a Mohel in NYC and the Tri-State Area, I look forward to the opportunity of working closely with you toward that goal. Please make sure to email me at or call me 973-467-2691 to discuss making your event for your bris in NYC or the surrounding areas special. Cantor Richard Nadel

You will need the following items for the Bris: 

• Four clean cloth diapers or towels. 
• Several Pampers (at least six). 
• Pre-moistened baby wipe. 
• Three dozen 3x3 sterile gauze pads (Most for post care). 
• A tube of Neosporin Ointment (Not Neosporin Plus). 
• An unopened bottle of Kosher Sweet Grape wine (Unchilled). 
• A wine cup or goblet. 
• Two Talitot (Prayer Shawls). 
• Kippot (Skullcaps) for all men attending the Bris. 
• An adult size pillow (Not too fluffy). 
• A tablecloth. 
• A table (about the size of a card table). 
• A fresh tube or jar of Vaseline. 

Please do not feed your son for at least 2 hours prior to the Bris. Please do not put any ointments on your son's penis or pubic area the day of the Bris. Please advise me should your son develop any degree of jaundice, cold or infection.

If you still have any questions concerning the above instructions, please feel free to contact me 973-467-2691 or

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