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​1. Do you tie the baby down on a board during the Bris ceremony? No, the baby is placed on a pillow and held by the person of your choice. The person who holds the baby on the pillow is called the Sandak. This is considered a great honor and is usually given to a grandfather. 

2. Do you use any anesthetic? Yes, I use Benzocaine. This preparation will deaden the mucous membrane which is inside the foreskin. Most often, the baby will not cry after he is dressed. 

3. Should the baby be given Tylenol? In most cases I don't believe it is necessary to give Tylenol. It is certainly a good idea to check with your pediatrician. 

4. What are the honors that can be given out at the Bris in NYC and surrounding areas? Generally, you can give out four to six honors. Bringing the baby in and out of the room is generally done by grandmothers. Holding the baby on the pillow during the bris and for the naming is generally done by grandfathers. Godparents can be included as well. Since each family has its own dynamics, it is a good idea to discuss your needs with me when planning the bris. 

5. Can the parents explain how they decided on what names to give the baby? Yes, I encourage parents to talk about the names and the people after whom the baby is being named.

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FAQs about the Bris Ceremony


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